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On United Airlines, Customer-Beating, and One Particularly Self-Righteous Pilot’s Wife

Update: I wrote this a while ago, when the first flurry of outrage was still rippling across the electronic netherworld, but never really liked where it ended up, so it was abandoned to the “drafts” bin. Might as well spend … Continue reading

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Baltimore: Really, Who Didn’t See This Coming?

I feel bad for Baltimore, just as I felt bad for Ferguson–because of the innocents who get caught up in the mayhem, because of setbacks the violence and thievery of a few selfish punks who inevitably appear to take advantage … Continue reading

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Stupid Stuff Micro-Post: Stupid Cops

Stupid Headlines that show up in my news aggregator, and other Stupid Stuff that lands in front of me–a new tradition I talked about here.  Who knows?  No one knows–it’s a big, damn mystery.  But the world is brimming with … Continue reading

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Ferguson: When The Pot Inevitably Boils Over, We’re All Going to Burn

http://aattp.org/op-ed-seven-simple-steps-to-end-police-brutality-and-restore-justice-to-america/ Not being privy to the facts, I can’t begin to comment on the specific events in Ferguson, beyond that it fails the “stink test” though not as badly as the do many other police-related acts of violence.  The sad … Continue reading

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