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The Six O’Clock Scrounger: Cheesy

When I’m wasting time, chewing on electronic distractions like a cow chews cud, I turn pack rat. Not that it is a drastically distant fall. The Force may run strong in some families–all I got was this encysted hoarder thing in my belly. Its not cancerous yet, but I need to keep an eye on it. With the interwebs, even my modicum of restraint is unnecessary. I have 2 terabytes of closet space for all the crap I scrounge. At one point, before some serious deleting, there were 25,000 bookmarks on one of my browsers. It is time to give some of this crap away. So here, take it–not all of these posts will be so cheesy, but it is a Junk give-away, so the bar is low.

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2015 Summer Wonder #14: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…


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Stereo Card Special: Ostrich Cart

After posting about the old French Victorian “Diableries” earlier this week, I took some time to explore the fascinating and occasionally strange world of old time stereo cards.  I’ve collected some of the best to post over the next few weeks, not only to entertain you but also to disguise the fact that I’ve got a lot to do, and a lot of places to be, over the next few weeks and will be relying on my store of saved posts from the drafts folder and the scheduling option.  So, forgive me if I don’t respond to comments immediately, or if my visit to your blogs aren’t quite as frequent through the end of the month.  It doesn’t mean that I love you any less–just a little less often.  As if we were married.