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On Politics, A Mini-Manifesto

I tried for a long time to keep politics out of this blog. Okay, for a little while–but it seemed like forever. I had this idealistic dream that I could keep my mouth shut and inoffensively skip through the ether, … Continue reading

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Not Flood Nor Fire, Just A Blog Unattended

Here we go, boys and girls. I miss you all when I’m away, and look forward to catching up and finding out what you’ve been up to while I’ve been “away” from the wonderful world of WordPress. At the same … Continue reading

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How Is Your Blog Different Than You Intended It To Be?

So, I’m sitting down about a month ago, thinking of a lot of non-bloggy things: Christmas presents, the menu for our annual Christmas party, the relative lack of shrill, bleating demands to “put the Christ back in Christmas,” the inconsistent … Continue reading

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Response To Suzie81’s “7 Questions For Bloggers.”

Last year Suzie81 stirred up the blogosphere with a wonderfully successful post that posed 7 significant questions to bloggers.  It was so successful she’s decided to give it another go-round.  There is no way i can resist–and why should I?  … Continue reading

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The Colorado Independent: News Poems

I’m continually scouring the internet, looking for poetry to roll around in like one of those crazed grizzlies on Kodiak Island loll about in rotting whale flesh–intoxicated by the joy and sensory overload of sustenance, bounty, excess.  I found that … Continue reading

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Transitory Popularity

Several days ago I wrote an off-handed article out of boredom, and dedication to one of the original reasons for this blog–to write 5 posts a week over the course of a year, mixing original poetry and short fiction with … Continue reading

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What’s This Blog About?

Conception As I close in on 200 posts–far and away the longest, most voluminous and sustained blogging I’ve ever managed–I thought it might be interesting to consider what this blog has been about, as compared to what it was intended … Continue reading

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ANTARCTICA This is a pretty damned awesome little blog from Jynne Dilling Martin, currently (12/13) Poet In Residence at McMurdo station in Antarctica. She’s on Twitter, too.

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Blog Behavior, Minor Milestone: Post #50

Well, I’ve been feeling pretty smug about myself–not quite 3 months into taking this blog seriously, and I’ve managed 50 posts (with a bunch more in queue, in fact) and close to 100 followers (thanks, by the way)–and I could … Continue reading

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Busy, Blog-Less Weekend

One of the reasons I dove back into the blog business, besides the desire to bombard the populace with my literary genius and tomfoolery, was my friend Tony’s spirited attempt to post a blog entry every day for a year.  … Continue reading

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