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Pinnacle of Civilization: The Bloody Mary

This afternoon I was trying to think of what single thing best represented the zenith of so-called “western civilization,” a term I employ rhetorically with apologies to my Chinese and Middle-Eastern friends whose ancestors were busily cranking out one early … Continue reading

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My Pancake Fetish Rears Its Ugly Head

Hi, My name is Chuck and I have a Pancake Fetish. Hi, Chuck! I’ve eaten pancakes all my life, for breakfast, for brunch, and for that most decadent pancake delight, the all-too-rare “breakfast for supper.”  Buttermilk pancakes, whole-wheat pancakes, corn-meal … Continue reading

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A Note About Typographical Errors

I was just reading down through these posts and noticed a number of typos–wrong words, mostly, wrong tense here and there, dropped words, a few misspellings and grammar sins.  I may take the time, someday, to sort down through this … Continue reading

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Ewing’s Mill Cornmeal Pancakes

Ewing’s Mill was a working, historic water-powered grist mill in our county when I was young.  At some point it closed, and remained so for several years.  Before plans to revive it could be brought to fruition an idiot drove … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Bunnery, 9/90

Breakfast at the Bunnery, 9/90 A half dozen dirtbags Crept from the red hills Tie dyed and ragg-sweatered Dusty Synthetic-fleeced Muddied boots and sandals And thick woolen socks; Drowned rat-nested hurricane-haired, Wood-smoked, marinated, saturated Wormy, squirmy, Smudged and smitten, Hungry … Continue reading

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