Funny and/or Strange

Bad Kids Book:

It is time to regale you with an amusing onslaught of altered–or totally made up–and absolutely inappropriate children’s book covers, because they are apparently a thing, and they’re crazy funny. Mostly. Some are a little disturbing, most are offensive. If you in any way were under the illusion that I take this blog seriously, this should nip that in the bud–or butt–once and for all. And yes, some of  pretty much all of these are offensive in one way or another, so if you don’t get annoyed, outraged, or scandalized right away, be patient: your turn in coming.

Photo I Like

Found Photo: Charles Bukowski

Getting back into the habit of posting photos I’ve stumbled over, like they’re bricks on the night-time lawn.

Charles Bukowski, iconic mailman and poet.