Targeted Advertising Part 2: The Rollick

I offered my screed on targeted advertising a few days ago. Now I give you a bit of levity to go along with my complaining.  Well, not quite levity because the article in the screen shot (which I cropped out) is some famous person ( I never heard of her) responding to some particularly vile media cruelty about her post-pregnancy weight


gain. The headline and the generated ads have a delightful symmetry, don’t you think?

This page was an accidental click–I meant to hit the sports link–but I couldn’t help but be amused by the advertising that my previous browsing had matched up with the article. Earlier in the day I had googled “burger king” for some research of business articles about fast food restaurants shifting to provide more healthy alternatives.  These “chicken fries” seem to suggest otherwise.

And for the record, the Ms. Houghton targeted in the ad earned the ire of this cretinous “journalist” because she had the nerve to run on a beach in a bathing suit, where photographers were able to catch some of her soft spots jiggling. She still looked pretty good to me. Something to remember the next time you dream about being famous.

art Funny and/or Strange Photo I Like


Father forgive me for I have sinned. It has been…far too long since my last resoundingly inappropriate and tasteless post.  But I get bonus points for hyping an ambitious artist, right?