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What In The Blazing Fires of Hell Is This?

This British guy with a big waxed mustache made this show up on my personal facebook page just now.  We’re supposed to be friends, but–now I’m not so sure. I showed it to my wife and she said, “Well, if … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Rumblings

I don’t have a particular topic in mind, and while it occurs to me that I could open up my links to news pages and scour the daily dose of mayhem, gloom, and marketing for the latest tragedy/outrage/scourge/feel-good moment of … Continue reading

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Message From The Chinese Restaurant Assoc. of The U.S.

I suppose this is racist, and I’m a bad man for posting it, but I’m hoping everyone who sees it will have as much of a sense of humor about themselves as I do.  (I’m ridiculous, by the way, and … Continue reading

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Email From a Friend #1

Hi, Charles, Now that you can read Chinese in your computer, here is your Chinese name for you.  查理斯曼格斯 the red one is your first name, and the black one is your last name. told ya, a lot of characters, … Continue reading

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