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2015 Summer Wonders #69

Summer rain…it may look refreshing, but in a summer when, at one point, we had rain 35 of 40 days in a row, looks can be deceiving.


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2015 Summer Wonders #67: Iron City Summer

No theme this week…just a week’s worth of my favorites.  Starting with some vintage Pittsburgh swimming.

Photo I Like summer photos

2015 Summer Wonder #11 Afternoon Rain

At the trailing edge of a Thunderstorm, the world from my window lush and wild, the sky still booming from the horizon….


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Is Pittsburgh The New Austin?


Clickhole poses the question, making a compelling argument:–1227

…but no, gentle readers, Pittsburgh is neither the new Austin nor next Portland.  Those places were just plain old rough drafts for the final, perfected product.

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Summer In New York City

Looking for summer pictures, I stumbled onto this page…

Vintage Summer in New York (4)

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Friday Morning Rock & Roll Idols: The Jam

The Jam were the coolest, and not well known here in the USA, but even after all these years I’d argue they were one of the great bands of their generation.  I can’t help thinking how much better my youth would have been if their music had been bombarding all of us from the radio instead of all that disco and classic rock.  Of course, in western Pennsylvania some of the radio stations are still keeping the same 20 or 30 songs in heavy rotation as they used in 1980.  Listen and believe….