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Organic Roadkill

I intended this piece as a bold statement on the isolation and ultimate futility of our ostensibly rich and purposeful lives. I understand, it is powerful imagery, and can be disturbing to contemplate, but I must confess that in embracing the perspective–as a detached, virtually omnipotent observer–I find solace, even liberation, in examining the naked truth of my reality.


Where's Chuck?

Where’s Chuck? Sunday 8.2.15

I’m on vacation, but I planned ahead. Presuming that we stay on track, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool things–here’s what I hope to see today.

We finish up events at the State Games of America around mid-day then we’re heading northwest, ahead of our friends, to Mitchell, South Dakota where we’ll be camping over at Lake Mitchell and making a quick visit to The Corn Palace.  Because you can’t go to eastern South Dakota and not see a building covered with murals made from corn and other regionally grown grains.  They make new murals every year.


I don’t know who this woman is, but the photo is awesome and I had to include it.



Where’s Chuck? Thursday 7.30.15

I’m on vacation, but I planned ahead.  Presuming that we stay on track, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool things–here’s what I hope to see today.

Illinois, Iowa, and on to Lincoln, Nebraska. Nothing big on the schedule today–just mileage…

Carl Sandburg’s birthplace in Galesburg, Il

The inappropriately named Sandburg Mall just across town, where we’ll stand outside and boo.

The Mississippi River at Burlington, IA

And a whole lotta corn…

My Poetry Poetry

Organic Crab Grass Control

Damn straight, count me in.
I’m a corn meal glutton;indian-head-corn-meal-0709-new-new-lg
love it in pancakes, in muffins,
in waffles and bread–
especially bread, sweetened with sugar,
mixed with bacon fat and cream,
bathed in sweet butter–
Oh…you meant…gluten.
I’m not a gluten.