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Can’t Think Of A Thursday Feature

I’m trying to come up with a feature for each day, to help me get back on track with daily posting, but I can’t come up with a damn thing to go with, say, Wednesday Words of Wisdom or Tunesday or Memeday. I keep getting stuck on the Norse thing…you know, Wednesday derived from Odin’s Day and so forth. Thursday reminds me it was originally Thor’s Day, and Thor gave me my favorite moment in the hundreds of Marvel films we’ve seen over the past few years:

He is in a hurry and runs into a pet store to demand a horse.  The clerk says something like, “We don’t have horses. We only sell dogs and cats and birds.”  To which the God of Thunder responds, “Then give me one of those big enough to ride.”  It’s even better than the Hulk’s “Puny God” crack at Loki.

So, let’s hear it for Thor. On his day.


And that gives me another week to think of something for Thursdays….


The Saturday Snow White Variations–Final Installment

So this is it.  I’ve milked this theme a little longer than I should have, but I’m nothing if not thorough–but the end of Snow White Saturdays (it really is weird that I have devoted 4 posts over a month to this, isn’t it?) will make my wife happy–she just thinks it’s been boring, which I can deal with. As long as she doesn’t figure out it’s sort of creepy, too.  Ah, well.  Today I’m just sticking up the best of rest of the literally hundreds of interesting images I’ve found–all of these came from Tumblr, and none had attributions–as usual, if they’re your work, let me know: I’d like to give you credit and link back to your site.

This one is first because it’s the most clever.  The “note’ and the mug shot at the end are the finale, because they’re my favorites.
Snow White's Apple






Snow 67 Snow 29 Snow Whip Snow Bad Apple Snow silouette


don't tell me Snow Wrong


Another Saturday Snow White Variation

c9ccea26c2865130003e15637002a8abI don’t have much narrative for this week–just a surprising volume of Snow White art that I discovered in less time than you think.  I’m not sure why I find the volume and variation so interesting, but I do. (My wife doesn’t–she just looked over my shoulder and said “I think people are sick of Snow White–I know I am.”)


I have to admit, however, that I never really thought about Snow White as a sex symbol, even after seeing that mural that started this all, on the side of an RV back in 1990.  Some people clearly do.  Indeed, some people aren’t just content with drawing Snow White–they want to BE Snow White.

We’ve got Snow White who looks like she’s from a 1920’s silent movie…











Or from a cutesy 1930’s movie….










Marie Antoinette Steampunk Snow White…












Science Fiction Warrior Princess Snow White…

Snow White By Mike Roshuk Photography












“Apocalyptic Snow White” (also known as “Great Abs Snow White”)…












Is That An Owl In Your Pocket or Are Just Happy To See Me Snow White…












Solemn Snow White…












Are Those Pants or What? Snow White











Snow White You Dated Briefly in College, Never Introduced To Your Parents, and Still Kind of Miss Sometimes…

regret white











“Will Spank For Food” Snow White…












“Oh My” Snow White

velvet snow white











Sullen Pothead Vampire Snow White








And, finally, my Personal Favorite….Snow Black.

Snow Black

Commentary Funny and/or Strange Photo I Like

In Praise of Velma


Kate Jackson was my favorite Angel. If that even means anything to you, it should explain some things.  If you can shake the Farrah out of your dreams and get your mind around what I just said, then the next stop is clear, and needs only one word: Velma.

Marie has a ton of Velmas on her page, a real test not to use the word “jinkies” in some really, really inappropriate contexts.

I understood that the stories were about Shaggy and Scooby.  I got that, and I love those guys like brothers.  I can even do a pitch-perfect “Like Zoinks, man!” and swagger like “Rohn Rayne!”  I have to admit that I always had a soft spot in my heart for brainy girls–the girls in the movies who wore glasses because that’s how heavy-handed directors and producers made sure we got that they were the smart girls.  It always bugged me when, at the end, they take off their glasses and we’re supposed to suddenly realize “wow, she’s kind of hot.”


I’d known she was hot all along, and not just “kind of.”  I thought she was “all kinds of hot.”  Big difference, there.


I don’t mean to say that Daphne wasn’t lovely, or that she didn’t have a decent intellect–but she tended to need a lot of rescuing, and then there was that business with Fred who, let’s face it, didn’t exactly, uh, (ascot …cough, cough) lean in her direction. Fred made a fool of Daphne, and we can appreciate her misguided loyalty, but that’s not the kind of thing that engenders an enduring respect that, over the years–or episodes–grows into love.  Velma would never have stood for that kind of crap–and that’s the kind of girl I like.  I still remember first grade, when a girl named Millie who lived on my block, with the biggest brown eyes and a shy smile, caught my eye.  I was smitten…until, a few days later, another girl from the neighborhood threw a rock at me and missed.  I laughed in her face and she kicked me in the shin.  Hard enough to draw blood.  For the next two years, until a snotty red-haired Scottish girl moved to town and called me a wanker on her first day on the playground, I lived and breathed Tammi.


I’ve been pleased of late to discover that I’m not alone.  Velma has been getting some serious love on the internet for a while now, both from artists and the cos-play community (think sexy halloween for grown-ups, with a sci-fi/fantasy bend, but all year round) .  Travis Pitts’ epically cool rendering of Velma as Buffy-esque Slayer-style heroine was the first image I saw and the inspiration for this entry, but a quick google or two delivered a bonanza of badassery that needed to get out.  Gina B. has her own series over a, which has apparently been downloaded and reposted on at least one out of every 2 geek-infused websites on the net, but my current favorites are from Pittsburgh photographer Jeff Zoet, and how cool is it that these came from Pittsburgh, the greatest city on Earth and the Zombie Capitol of the world?

So cool, baby.  That’s how cool.

And are we surprised that Velma has the axe?  Not when that nancy-pants Fred is huddling behind both the chicks and the hippie–even that hippie happens to be rocking a pump-action shotgun–and Daphne has a cute little crossbow pistol, deadly but delicate. That leaves Velma, already burdened with the intellectual side of things, to do the heavy lifting–or, swinging, as the case may be.  As usual–with apologies to Freud–Velma brings the wood.