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The Great Sexy Halloween Costume Debate, 2 of 4

In Part 1, we heard from the magnificent Jill Sobule, and it seems to be that she’s not alone in her concerns.  In fact, the problem might be even more widespread than she realized.

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2015 Summer Wonders #63: Sunflower Maximus

Nothing says summer like Sunflowers–so this  week’s Summer Wonders theme is Sunflower Week.

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The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 8 & Counting

The Skull-headed dude really freaks me out.  I made certain to follow the scariest vintage Halloween image yet with the most benign, reassuring, traditional, warm image I could find, but as kind and warm as the apple-bobbing lady seems, I think I’m going to see Skull-head in my nightmares.




The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 5 and Counting (originally screwed up bonus edition)

Whoops.  First try at this post came out blank–I guess the tech is beyond me.  Here’s a halloween bonus to compensate.

Question: are the stains intentional or is she just a sloppy eater?  This shot is a few  years old, so I’m thinking it’s intentional, and I’m going with the guess that she’s dressed as one of Siegfried & Roy’s white tigers.  The one who ate Roy’s face.  Or was it Siegfried’s?


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The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 1 and Counting

VintageHalloweenCostumes-445x337At Christmas, our true loves give us stuff every day–gold rings, leaping lords and dancing ladies, drummers drumming.  Putting aside for just one moment the obvious question–how can we afford to feed and clothe all those artistic vassals?–I can’t help wondering why you just get stuff one day for Halloween, and if you’re a grown-up (note that I didn’t say “adult”) you don’t get much at all, only what you can steal from young relative’s candy bag when they’re sleeping.  With that in mind, I”ll be doling out “12 Days of Halloween” gifts from now until the big night–some of it scary, some of it sexy, some silly and some sentimental–which is which, I’ll leave up to interpretation.  As usual, most everything has been ruthlessly appropriated via search engine.



Another Saturday Snow White Variation

c9ccea26c2865130003e15637002a8abI don’t have much narrative for this week–just a surprising volume of Snow White art that I discovered in less time than you think.  I’m not sure why I find the volume and variation so interesting, but I do. (My wife doesn’t–she just looked over my shoulder and said “I think people are sick of Snow White–I know I am.”)


I have to admit, however, that I never really thought about Snow White as a sex symbol, even after seeing that mural that started this all, on the side of an RV back in 1990.  Some people clearly do.  Indeed, some people aren’t just content with drawing Snow White–they want to BE Snow White.

We’ve got Snow White who looks like she’s from a 1920’s silent movie…











Or from a cutesy 1930’s movie….










Marie Antoinette Steampunk Snow White…












Science Fiction Warrior Princess Snow White…

Snow White By Mike Roshuk Photography












“Apocalyptic Snow White” (also known as “Great Abs Snow White”)…












Is That An Owl In Your Pocket or Are Just Happy To See Me Snow White…












Solemn Snow White…












Are Those Pants or What? Snow White











Snow White You Dated Briefly in College, Never Introduced To Your Parents, and Still Kind of Miss Sometimes…

regret white











“Will Spank For Food” Snow White…












“Oh My” Snow White

velvet snow white











Sullen Pothead Vampire Snow White








And, finally, my Personal Favorite….Snow Black.

Snow Black


The 12 Days of Halloween: She, Robot

The 12 Days of HalloweenShe, Robot 2005