The 12 Days of Halloween : The Lowdown Dirty Ghoul Brigade

Both of the cars in the background have gone to the scrapyard–and most of these little Halloween Punks are in college now. Damn, I’m old.

The 12 Days of Halloween (2007)


The Great Sexy Halloween Costume Debate 4 of 4

Some final thoughts.  I wanted to weigh in on my own here, sort of a personal summary, while touching base on potential costume choices.

The father in me had no problem coming up with a several costume suggestions which are, in their particular socio-cultural mileau, hot enough to incinerate.  Among them are…


The man of reason in me just wants to caution you against this….
https _assets.rbl.ms_2261144_980x

And the husband says, “Hey, baby–you could totally pull this off….”

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The Great Sexy Halloween Costume Debate 1 of 4

My favorite singer/songwriter, Jill Sobule, has been charming us with this little ditty for several autumns now. It’s pretty much become a Halloween standard.


Photo I Like sheer awesomeness

The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 6 and Counting

I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am.  I can’t get over how truly creepy some of the scary images–like this one–are.  If you tried to Trick or Treat around a sub-division dressed like this today some knob would call for a SWAT team, I’m sure of it.


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Jill Sobule on Halloween Costumes

I can’t say that I agree with my favorite folk singer, Jill Sobule, on this one–I’m all in favor of folks (especially women)(especially women who aren’t my daughters) dressing up sexy. I’ve been trying for years to get my wife to rock something hot on halloween, but no dice–she’s got all this pesky dignity and nagging self-esteem.

Living in a university town, the “weekend” (now Wednesday night through Sunday) around Halloween is always an “oh brave new world” type of visual experience. Still…

The thing about “sexy halloween costumes” is that the concept can go horribly wrong in what seems like a blink of the eye.

sexy halloween

And in the other side of the  “careful what you wish for” department…click here at your own risk especially if you’re inclined towards feminism.  I know a couple of angry vegetarians who will ridicule me just for posting the link, but these are funny from the right perspective.

But for the sake of gender equity and fairness to oppositely oriented folks, as well as those who favor a relatively balanced mix of sex and violence….

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The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 3 and Counting

I paired this really cool photo of elaborate vintage costumed characters with a real life demon rarely seen in her natural form.  Before you laugh, remember this: she might not know the difference between John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy, but she’s got security clearance and probably already knows where you sleep at night.



The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 2 and Counting

Whoa. A perfect example of why I’m allowing you to determine what is scary, and what is sexy, sentimental, etc.  Even I don’t know for sure.

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12 Days of Halloween 2: Vampire, Grim Reaper & Rogue

One from the archive…

12 Days of Halloween