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Trump: The Joke That Keeps on Giving

So much for being the most powerful man on earth, the Great Yuge Orange One has irrefutably become nothing more than a laughingstock the the other leaders in the world, a punchline to the kind of not-really-funny dirty joke that just makes folks wince.

Here are Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Juha Sipila, Bjarni Benediktsson, Erna Solberg and Stefan Lofven, the prime ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden respectively, getting their goof on at the USA’s expense.
Sweden's PM Lofven with his counterparts Rasmussen of Denmark, Solberg of Norway, Sipila of Finland and Benediktsson of Iceland hold a soccer ball during their meeting in Bergen

And here is more, just they never old. Not ever.


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The Closer You Look, The Weirder….


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12 Days of Halloween: Vintage Scary Clown

The “Scary Clown” phenomena clearly dates back a lot further than initially suspected.


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Why I Won’t Dress As Santa

If I stopped trimming my beard, I could pull it off as soon as this grey goes white. But who wants to be wearing a red velour pantsuit at the very moment of discovering one’s hidden inner creepy guy? Not me.


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Two Weeks of Halloween: Axe Handle

He’s coming for you.


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Two Weeks of Halloween: Bunny Cult

There’s a strange and seemingly growing phenomena of folks wearing bunny masks…  I think they’re a cult, and I’m scared of them.  Oh, it seems innocent enough at the beginning…


But he’s watching…


They’re all watching…


And the next thing you know, it happens, and you’re part of it…


And the worst thing is, when it’s done, you don’t really even care.


They’re everywhere, hiding in plain sight…

toyota rabbit cult

Screenshot 2015-10-24 10.43.33

Anya knew…


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Two Weeks of Halloween: Spooky Tubbies

Am I the only one creeped out by this one?








The source for this is inspired:

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Two Weeks of Halloween–Invitation?

Would you accept an invitation to a Halloween party from the woman who just posted this?  Seriously, this is the kind of person I’m friends with–not that creepy, but the weirdness….


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What In The Blazing Fires of Hell Is This?

This British guy with a big waxed mustache made this show up on my personal facebook page just now.  We’re supposed to be friends, but–now I’m not so sure.

I showed it to my wife and she said, “Well, if I had to have a penis that one would be pretty cool.”  But the question remains: what the hell is happening.


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The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 6 and Counting

I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am.  I can’t get over how truly creepy some of the scary images–like this one–are.  If you tried to Trick or Treat around a sub-division dressed like this today some knob would call for a SWAT team, I’m sure of it.