Thanks, Katy.

Is there anyone reading that didn’t get a kick out of this?  (Speak out, defend yourself!) It was outstanding to see a splash of pop art weirdness smack dab in the midst of a typically overwrought, overproduced, lip-synced morass of distractions.  I admit to appreciating the sense of wink-at-the-camera humor Katy Perry has injected into her stage persona (cue the video for “Roar”), but even this exceeded my expectations.  Still wondering why they let Missy Elliot steal 3 minutes of stage time–I know most folks don’t agree, my facebook page is full of youngsters–the “red bull generation”– gushing over her piece, but there’s little I find more insipid than mass produced pop pseudo-rap.  If these young Divas want to really get some “street cred” (I feel ridiculous just writing that) maybe they ought to trot out Wu-Tang Clan.


Oh, look–a gif!