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Deer Day

Today is a civilization-pausing holiday where I live, the Monday after Thanksgiving, the end of the 5-day weekend: Deer Day.  If you also live in a region where NRA bumper stickers outnumber high school diplomas, you know what I’m talking … Continue reading

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Deer Day

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s yet another holiday where I live.  The kids don’t have school, and the woods aren’t safe to walk in–nor will they be for the next several weeks because it is The … Continue reading

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Garden Enemies

As a gardener, I have a lot of enemies to which you likely give little attention.  At the top of the list, of course, is the diabolical eating machine known as Whitetail Deer.  You know him as Bambi.  He ought … Continue reading

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Garden Fever…

Here’s what we need to add to the garden this year… We’ve got a final, 12′ x 50′ strip of garden–once home to the concord grapes we inherited with the property, that had a virus and would tease us each … Continue reading

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