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What’s Wrong With White Folks?

I know, entire novels have been written on the subject, but yeah–this (see picture) is a “thing” that is is widespread and common enough to merit signage.  N.A. folks must be thinking: what’s the hell is up with white folks? Then again, they’re pretty much used to our shit by now.

Four Corners Tourist Site, Navajo Res, CO-UT-NM-AZ.


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Peering Over Canyonlands


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Monday/Memeday: Mormon Crickets


A week from now, we’ll be hitting Utah.  If you’ve never seen Mormon Crickets, this is going to blow your mind. They’re big, they swarm, and when the get smashed on the road it gets worse because they’re cannibals, and the more that die and get mushed on the highway,


the more of these bad boys that gather to feast on the smashed corpses of their comrades. When we were last in Utah, we crossed patches so slippery with dead bugs that the car skated on the highway, like one expects to experience in snow.  If you’re traveling, make sure to work a car washing into your schedule.

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Found Summer Photo: Tolerable Vacation Crowds

Tolerable levels of crowding at this vacation hotspot.  I’m in.