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Kilt Too Damned Many

I found this last night in a file folder full of old stuff–I’ve no idea when I wrote it, or why, or in what context, but I sure wish I did. “A hero, pffft.” Keaner spat, “there’s them to call … Continue reading

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Excerpt: Novel in Progress

Someone asked me about the novel in progress…here’s some: It took both of them to drag me up from the hole, and from their grunts and curses  it wasn’t easy for them.  I had stopped struggling weeks before, and was … Continue reading

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Novella Excerpt: Sharp Del

    “Come on out of there, you motherless—.” Sharp Del’s voice died beneath a deeper, more malevolent rumble. “My mother,” the hulking Brin stepped out from the shadows behind him, “was very young.” Sharp Del whirled around with startled fury, … Continue reading

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An Hour From Boise (another excerpt from an abandoned story)

There’s this pit of the stomach feeling, I know you know it, when you blaze over the crest of a slope on the highway with the Pogues blaring Streams of Whiskey from a dozen speakers and that big block Chevy … Continue reading

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The Big Truck (excerpt)

The Big Truck (excerpt from a short story, circa 1990) A door slams and a key twists in the ignition of a big, new capable American machine. None of that third world bullshit, we’re talking Eight bedroom-sized cylinders displacing more … Continue reading

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