Monday/Memeday: Noisy, Hungry Frogs

A real headline from the Minneapolis Journal, circa 19066.  Tell me this isn’t the most awesome thing you’ve read in a while…I dare you.

Minneapolis Journal 1906

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2015 Summer Wonders #65 March of the Sunflowers

Nothing says summer like Sunflowers–so this  week’s Summer Wonders theme is Sunflower Week.


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2015 Summer Wonders #45: Sunflower Sunrise

sunflower sunrise


Bountiful Spaghetti Harvest

It’s funny.  The more things change, they more they stay the same.  There was just a story on 60 minutes recently about how conditions were conspiring to make for the best spaghetti harvest since the early 1960’s–now I get on Youtube and see a documentary about that very year.  I don’t know about you, but I’m stocking up on Marinara and planting plenty of tomatos in the garden this year.

Commentary video

Paul Harvey: So God Made A Farmer

This one is a little different than the one Dodge aired during the Super Bowl, but it’s a little more reflective of the times.


Laughed At By A Cow

Got hit with an amusing internet meme this morning.  I don’t usually re-distribute this stuff, but I’m in that mood this early AM–you know: whimsical.  A better writer would turn this into deeply meaningful metaphor.  I’m just sticking it in here because it’s just about the best photo-bomb I’ve seen in a while.  And who among us doesn’t like photo bombs.


“Remember… no matter how bad your day is going… at least you’re not stuck in a fence getting laughed at by a cow.”