D.A.H.O.F: Jamie Gilt

D U M B – A S S   H A L L   OF   F A M E   N O M I N A T I O N

I shouldn’t need an excuse to circle back around to my poor, mistreated, attention-starved blog–or the millions, thousands, hundreds, dozens of eager readers who breathlessly await my oracular musings. Nevertheless, when life gives you lemons…

Okay, so no lemons. Instead, we got Jamie Gilt, the outspoken Florida horse mommy who loves her guns. A profuse poster of pro-firearm propaganda and fetishist rhetoric, who had reportedly been bragging of late about her 4-year-old son’s proficiency at the shooting range, Ms. Gilt recently threw this bit of wisdom up on the internet:

Silly rabbit. A few days ago, this upright, outspoken, patriotic (these colors don’t run, dammit!) saw her worst feats come to light when she was brutally gunned down…by said 4-year-old, who capped her from the backseat of their moving vehicle while she was driving and he was playing with her .45 automatic in the back seat.

Doh! Ms. Gilt gets automatic acceptance into the Dumb Ass Hall of Fame.

Gun Rights Advocate Jamie Gilt Shot by Child?

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Monster Gator Caught In Florida

Did everyone see the size of the alligator that was recently killed in Florida–estimated at 15′ long and over 700 lbs, it’s shown at the bottom of the page. That’s just…Nope.

It’s like this:


Real Scary.



The Circumcision Shuffle

I’ll say this about the circumcision issue: man, I’m glad I had daughters.  Where my kids were born there  was a lot of pressure not to circumcise, but where and when I was born it was almost univeral.  I saw one kid, in a career scholastic and club athletics, and the group showers that went with it, who generated a “holy shit what’s going on with that?” discussion.  (And yep, you strangely modest millennial types, all us muscular guys in the 1980s stood in a big open shower room and washed up together EVERY DAY).

As my wife’s pregnancy progressed, the decision weighed on me something fierce, and I must admit part of realizing the bloody, beautiful thing the nurse handed me was a girl included a subtle sigh of relief.  I was spared, and I want to make it clear that I have no standing to say which choice is better, if any.

12805207-General-or-Civil-War-Soldier-Cartoon-Vector-Mascot-Holding-a-Sword-Stock-VectorWith that in mind, the few times the mind-boggling case of Heather Hironimous, the Florida mother who went to court rather than consent to the father of her child’s demands that the boy be circumcised.  The drama seems to have come to an end this weekend as Ms. Hironimous, who had been jailed for contempt of court after a judge ruled against her, tearfully relented and agreed to allow the procedure to take place.  I didn’t follow the details of the trial, I don’t know the story in full, though apparently there was some sort of agreement between Hironimous and the father of the child, who are no longer involved, obviously, that the operation would take place–and then she changed her mind.

What blows my mind is somewhere down in Florida the father, a guy named Dennis Nebus, is dancing a little jig of joy that a judge has given him “temporary authority for medical care” in order to permit him to contract a surgeon to lop off the top of his now-4-year-old son’s winky.  His explanation for his tenacious fight against the foreskin: “it’s the normal thing to do.”