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2015 Summer Wonders #79 Up, Up, and Away….

Back to “Jump Week”–choosing this one was no a no brainer.  I’m a sucker for camera trickery, and this one rocks.


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Found Winter Photo: Canoe

It’s been so cold here that this photo actually makes me feel warm!



Found Winter Photo: Princess

Another busy set of days–lots of catching up to do, and I’m going to do it too, so beware: a flurry of posts awaits.  This is just a hint of the promise of things to come, a cool winter photo I grabbed from a Tumblr search with the keyword “winter.”  I am nothing if not a scupulous found photo detective.  Enjoy.

Found Winter Photo: Bikini Skiing, Oh Brave New World

The last time I posted a “found” winter photo I prefaced with the following:

“I figured that it was time to start posting some cool “found” winter pictures, the way I do for summer.  The thing is, it is not nearly as easy to find fun, photos of winter–it’s a more serious season, in many ways.  Google “winter” and you get a lot of landscapes and snowy foliage, as opposed to the surfing and bikini babes a ‘”summer” search turns up. “

ski-bikiniUpon further review, it seems that I was mistaken.  A fairly superficial browsing has turned up a plethora of interesting shots, including modern stuff and the vintage pictures I enjoy so much.  I’ve also discovered that bikini girls are not limited to the province of summer–was I the last person to know that “bikini skiing” is a thing?  I put my coat on to step outside to let the dog pee.

George Bush said that “they” hate America because they hate freedom.  I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re jealous of our bikini skiing.  (And yours, too, Canada–you clearly excel in the sport.

Photo I Took

Art Bus

At the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, USA.

Maryland Vacation 08_025 Maryland Vacation 08_026 Maryland Vacation 08_049


Found On Back of Grocery List

This is the kind of ice cube she’s talking about.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and found a previous shopper’s abandoned or lost shopping list?  I have to admit that I’ve picked one up from the floor more than once–it’s an interesting look into the lives of strangers.  It happened today that I found a list in the cart at our local Aldi store.  On one side of the 4X6″ note card torn in half, on sort of a diagonal, and written in pencil, was a pretty standard list–milk, eggs, cheese, etc.  On the back side, in what I like to call “catholic school cursive,” rendered perfectly, in red ink, is the following list.

I’m deadly curious about the torn away parts, but a little mystery is good, right?

Spanking, Get Tied Up, Give Direction, Ice Cubes
#1 Lick your partner’s ears.
#2 Spank, squeeze and pinch your partner’s butt.
#3 Place an eye cube (sic) on the girl’s navel until it melts. The girl can’t use her hands to place it. The guy can only use his lips to keep the cube in place *it’s a lot harder to ice cube in place when it starts to melt or the girl starts to feel cold*.
#4 Pass a candy to your partner using just the lips / unwrap…
lips.  Smarties?
#5 Kiss each other for a whole minute.
#6 Give your boyfriend a lap dance.
#7 One partner lies down. The other…
the laying partner’s body including…
#8 Unhook your girlfriend’s bra…
#9 Lift your girlfriend’s shirt up…
just your teeth.
#10 Stroke yo…
#11 Eat a mel…
#12 Give y…
#13 F…

You may not want to accidentally substitute this kind of Ice Cube. Or….