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Republican Girl

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In the “Big Government” Guide to Relationships, how do you know when the girl breaking up with you is Republican? Because she says, fully expecting this to make it better, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

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The Six O’Clock Scrounger: Cheesy

When I’m wasting time, chewing on electronic distractions like a cow chews cud, I turn pack rat. Not that it is a drastically distant fall. The Force may run strong in some families–all I got was this encysted hoarder thing in my belly. Its not cancerous yet, but I need to keep an eye on it. With the interwebs, even my modicum of restraint is unnecessary. I have 2 terabytes of closet space for all the crap I scrounge. At one point, before some serious deleting, there were 25,000 bookmarks on one of my browsers. It is time to give some of this crap away. So here, take it–not all of these posts will be so cheesy, but it is a Junk give-away, so the bar is low.

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2016 Summer Wonders: Art By Elizabeth Lennie

I stumbled on these over the winter.  Aren’t they nice?

Faith Tethys


“For 25 years Elizabeth Lennie has worked as an actress in theatre, film and television while developing a painting practice and raising 3 daughters in mid-town Toronto with husband performer/writer/teacher Mike Kirby. Her liquid landscapes are both abstract and figurative and explore the memory myth of summer. The medium is oil paint on canvas or board, with layered washes, thicker impasto, and the occasional graphite text. The archetypes surrounded by water explore notions of self within the resonance of shared memory. E. Lennie’s paintings are featured regularly in the media and are collected in Canada, the US, the UK and Japan.”

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2015 Summer Wonder #78 Zurkov’s Jumps


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2015 Summer Wonders #57: Smiling Surfer

It’s Surf Week on Old Road Apples’ Summer Wonders–something I can’t do at all, but admire greatly. That smile says it all, doesn’t it?


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2015 Summer Wonders #45: Sunflower Sunrise

sunflower sunrise


2015 Summer Wonder #30: Rain Dance

More rain. 34 of the past 38 days. Death to meteorologists!  A pox on all their houses.  If only I like rain even of a fraction as much as this young lady seems to.



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2015 Summer Wonders #21: Bikini Pond Boxing

The days are warm, the water clear and skies blue.  It’s once again time for that classic rite of summer: Women’s Pond Boxing.


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2015 Summer Wonder #11 Afternoon Rain

At the trailing edge of a Thunderstorm, the world from my window lush and wild, the sky still booming from the horizon….



2015 Summer Wonders #1: Honk If U Love Summer

The calendar might not say summer…yet…but for as long as I can remember, the beginning of May has been the symbolic start to the season, even if we’ve still got six weeks of “spring” ahead of us.  This image is the first photo  I collected in a file called–you guessed it “Summer” several years before I ever considered having a blog.  Like most of these pictures, I have no idea who made it, who the subject is, or even where the image originally appeared.  I do know that I love summer.

Summer Found Photos–Daily Visions of Summer found floating around the interwebs: many vintage, some not, a lot shot on the beach, but not all. The only criteria is that these images evoke something quintessential about summer. What do you think about when you think about summer?