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I H8 National Haiku Month

One reason to dread February: “National Haiku Month” and the abominations committed against this ancient form by well-meaning syllable-counters too presumptive and lazy to get it right or even give a shit. While it may seem petty to ponder this … Continue reading

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Sugar Season Haiku Cycle

Spontaneous, no-revision haiku scrawled in a fit of boredom…. Snow concedes, contracts Shadows shorten with each dawn Totems bleed sweetness       Electric drill whirs Thirteen miles of plastic hose Grandpa had a bucket       Good dry … Continue reading

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A Percussionist Made It Personal–repaired draft

one thousand drums thrum rhythmic primal pulse beats still not fit to kiss verse

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Lightning Trai-ku

A pencil-stemmed girl Stands fist raised on a table Curses defiance Goblin black stormclouds Enshroud peaks, squash alpenglow Pour, blow, flash hate love. She cackles at the wind Bring it, motherfucker, yes You surly bastards!

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South of Lander

Sagebrush Wyoming Redtail keen on the fencepost Hundred-mile sunset.

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weedy creek wrinkles moon

weedy creek wrinkles moon  autumn owl shadow glides silentmouse kneels under burnt grass

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Whiskey Haiku

Warm amber ardor Sweet rye sun, charcoal filtered Joy-propulsion juice.

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