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Christmas Girls Lit

I normally try to wait a while–at least 6 hours, but often an entire day–between posts to, you know, let each post live and breathe a little before it gets pushed down the feed.  Not today.  That Luke Scott post, as quietly and unintentionally droll as I find it, is bugging the hell out of me.  I wasn’t even looking at it, happily going along with my day, but I couldn’t shake the little hissing voice in the back of my brain, reminding me that it’s there.  And like the little guy said, “We hates it, Precious.”

You’ve likely heard of buyer’s remorse.  This is writer’s remorse.  I will compensate with a slew of silly and provocative Christmas-themed images because I can, and because the ridicule I reap locally for such incursions beyond the realm of politeness make for excellent holiday party conversation fodder.  Girls lit up light Christmas trees: a little bit sexy, a little bit seasonal, and a fairly popular theme.

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