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The Shortest Best Story Ever

This post originally appeared in Old Road Apples’ very first week of existence. No one noticed it. No one even read it. So, I’m giving it a chance at new life, as I will be doing with other, carefully selected … Continue reading

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Henry Miller’s 11 Writing Commandments

I’m offering a rare repost, but this one is irresistible–not only for the racy photo of Henry Miller, but his rules for writing. I’ve broken all of them within recent memory–my shortcomings and failures are no longer inexplicable. Check out … Continue reading

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Two Poems Stuck In My Head

Forgive me, it’s been over 6 weeks since i sat down and tried to think in verse.  Forget about the actual work of putting it on paper and tinkering.  I could blame all the obligations–work, kid’s stuff, chores, a wedding, … Continue reading

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Excerpt: Novel in Progress

Someone asked me about the novel in progress…here’s some: It took both of them to drag me up from the hole, and from their grunts and curses  it wasn’t easy for them.  I had stopped struggling weeks before, and was … Continue reading

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The Automatic Poetry Generator

I’m not making this up. http://www.languageisavirus.com/automatic_poetry_generator.html Finally, a poem I write–er–create makes sense. All electric before the air Dark and musty against the fire I condemn heavy tentacles beyond the rain Be transparent. The bastard will vanish So dark over … Continue reading

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I took a free online course on Coursera recently–read some good old books.  For each selection, students were required to write a brief, 350-word essay that was then distributed to five random classmates for peer review.  The following dreck was … Continue reading

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