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Heartless Killers….

Ever look at a headline and you think wow, someone found that interesting enough to write about? (Quit smirking. This one doesn’t count.) I knew these brats were up to no good. But who knew J. Crew was still a … Continue reading

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Should I Fear Storms With Names?

For the past three years, The Weather Channel has adopted a widely criticized advertising strategy of giving names to winter storms.  They’re not doing it to make you safer, or even to make it simpler to take about storms. What … Continue reading

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What To Name A Generation?

I recently read a moderately interesting article from NPR about generation names, where they came from, and how they evolve.  Towards the end, the author mentioned how the generation now referred to as Millennials were, for a long time, called … Continue reading

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First off, let’s get this on the table: I suck, because I clicked on this ad just because…well, you know “why because.”  It just bothers me–maybe because I have daughters who have to live in this world, or maybe because … Continue reading

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