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‘Til Death Do Us Part

I’ve long been fixated on the idea of ending up in a coffee can somewhere–if I don’t succumb to dementia, in which case I’ve instructed some reliable folks just which corner of the Grand Staircase I’d like to be left … Continue reading

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Indiana State Codifies Hate

In a shocking (to civilized human beings) development, Indiana Governor Mike Pence flourished his burning cross ballpoint pen and signed Senate Bill 101, the ” Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” a so-called “religious freedom” law which forbids state or local governments … Continue reading

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Let Electricity Do It

What do we think we’re talking about here?  Something subtle, like an electric blanket and a leaky waterbed–or just the usual, mundane film noir toaster tossed in the bathtub?

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My All-Time Favorite Christmas Decoration

My daughter made this way back in elementary school–we didn’t date it, so I can’t say exactly when, but it had to be first or second grade.  Or earlier.  I keep thinking that I should try to have it laminated, … Continue reading

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“I Love My Husband, But Here’s Why I Want to Cheat”

I was reading the news from my aggregator, and stumbled upon this article on the Huffington Post, which can always be relied upon to annoy me with petty fluff the perpetuation of which I inevitably encourage by clicking and reading.  … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month Celebration: Ai, Twenty Year Marriage

 “All the best poetry is about ‘-ing’s’: eating, drinking, eating, sleeping, wanting, loving, hating, fucking–you know, thinking and feeling, and living, and dying.”  This has been one of my very favorite poems since the first time I read it, decades … Continue reading

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Belated Congratulations: Hawaii, Illinois and….

Hawaii and Illinois recently moved on legislation that will make them the 15th and 16th states to end discrimination against same-sex couples who wish to marry.  To them I say, “congratulations–it’s about damn time.” I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t … Continue reading

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