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Trump, Autocracy, and Racist Lackeys

How many degrees of separation can we find between the Trump Administration and real live steaming-shit Nazi scum? Just one, it turns out, and you’ve seen him on TV.

160327103842-donald-trump-melania-trump-tweet-stephen-miller-sotu-00000000-large-169.jpgIn a series of interviews and public statements eerily reminiscent of those old shouting-Hitler ragefests from Nazi Pep Rallys in the 1930s, Donald Trump’s “Senior” Advisor Stephen Miller lost his shit and declared, among many things, that “…the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned!” But don’t take it from me, check out this cut from last Sunday’s appearance on Meet The Press and stick around to the end to catch the horrified responses from conservative television personalities Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

“Oh my god.” They both say.

Chilling, right? I was shocked at first, but then I stared to do some digging, and it turns out that Miller was college buddies at Duke University with a guy named Richard Spencer, who you might recognize from this video…

If not, then surely this rings a delightful little bell….

It turns out that Miller supported Spencer, who also happens to be married to a notorious Russian propagandist,  in his early work, laying the groundwork for the uncloseted white supremacist organization the National Policy Institute,  who believe stuff like this:








I know. I mean, holy shit, right?  And yeah, I have a download of this entire speech in case you think I’m cherry picking.
Is anyone surprised?  Trump’s guru, Miller’s mentor, and Breitbart mastermind Steve Bannon, is a like-minded NPI true believer. And Miller formerly worked for unapologetic racist and new Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions.

Welcome to the New America.


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Heath Miller, We’ll Miss You


A little late, but this is a post that I can’t not make.  After eleven seasons, tight end Heath Miller, the quintessential Steeler, has called it quits–here’s hoping he’s making it out with both his body and his brain intact, even though I’d have loved to see him stick around for another Lombardi trophy next February. A humble player in a world of egotists, Miller miller.pngnever complained about being employed as a blocking tight end, at which he excelled, while less talented players grabbed more attention as glorified wide receivers. For most of his career, he was far and away the most complete, most complete tight end in the league, a brutal blocker and sure-handed receiver. Just as importantly, he was a man whose life outside the stadiums rarely made the news, unless he was being feted as a superior citizen.

My only complaint is that it’s possible my wife liked him just a little bit more than I would have liked.  Good luck to him, though, despite that–he deserves his healthy retirement.