Henry Miller’s 11 Writing Commandments

I’m offering a rare repost, but this one is irresistible–not only for the racy photo of Henry Miller, but his rules for writing. I’ve broken all of them within recent memory–my shortcomings and failures are no longer inexplicable. Check out “Journelle Frivolous”–it’s well worth the time.

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A Good Joke Issac Told Me


So, I heard a fun joke from an 11-year old yesterday at a swim meet. It’s probably an old one, but I hadn’t heard it. I laughed out loud and told him it was so good it needed to be in the internet. Thus:

A burgler breaks into an apartment and starts filling his sack with valuables when he hears a strange voice in the dark say, “Jesus is watching you!” The burgler shines his flashlight around but doesn’t see anyone, so he goes back to his burgling and stuffs more jewels and things into his bad.

“Jesus is watching you!” The voice calls out again, and the burgler just about jumps out of his shoes. Still, when he looks around him he sees nothing, so he goes back to stealing.

“Jesus is watching you!” Once more the spooky voice interupt him, and this time he looks more carefully and finally reveals a parrot in a cage in the corner. “Jesus is watching you!” The parrot says.

The burgler laughs and says, mockingly, to the parrot, “I suppose you’re Jesus?”

“No,” the parrot replies. “My name is Moses.”

The burgler laughs harder. “What kind of people name a parrot “Moses”?

“Pawwwwwwkk,” calls the parrot. “The same kind of people who name their rottweiller Jesus.”