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Santa Get Yer Motor Running…

…and head out on the highway…


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Dream Motorcycle: BMW R100-RT

Since the last post was a tribute to a motorcycle icon, I figured that I would make it a trend.  Now, I don’t have anything cool enough to rival this, but I’ll do my best.

I’ve never been seduced by those loud Harleys, as much as I appreciate the iconic aesthetics of those machines.  I’d like this:

photo credit: J.S. Miller Photography
5090156106_1f1fd2cd35_o (2)b
photo credit: J.S. Miller Photography


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D.A.H.O.F. Jesus Take The Wheel?

Sometimes it’s just great to be alive–like when real life is better than comedy.

Prionda Hill

There ought to be a dumb ass hall of fame.

In fact, let’s have one–a Dumb Ass Hall of Fame.  For starters, we’ll induct someone every Monday morning.  Feel free to put your nominations on the comments section.

And now, without further adieu I give you Prionda Hill, who might want to reconsider that “Jesus is my co-pilot” bumper sticker.

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