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Santa’s Double Standard

Naughty or Nice?

Naughty: busted.

Naughty: Got by with a warning “this time.”

Christmas Funny and/or Strange

Enjoy This Weekend’s Parties

A lot of Christmas and Holiday Parties this week, including my own little 60-person soiree. If you’re going out, have fun–and be careful.

Christmas video

Tunesday: White Christmas

The Grandaddy of old Christmas videos…and the best-selling single of all time. Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye, with a special vocal surprise if you listen through to almost the end (around the 2 minute mark).

Christmas meme

Memeday: Walken In A Winter Wonderland

I know–all this talent and skill, and still I give you this. I wish I could, in good faith, apologize but…


Christmas video

Fairytale of New York

Yesterday I praised the Christmas crooners of previous generations, but we’ve had some good stuff of our own. This bitter, poignant winter tale touches on the melancholy undercurrent of the holiday so perfectly that it never fails to make my mom cry.  Adding the sad epilogue, in which Kirsty MacColl was horribly killed on her Christmas vacation in Cozumel, Mexico (the wealthy perpetrator caught, but never prosectued) at the age of 41 and the peak of her career, and this is perhaps the most bittersweet–emphasis on sweet–Christmas song since “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”

Christmas Commentary Funny and/or Strange

Whoops. Wrong Home.

I snagged this one from facebook today. This is the kind of world I like to imagine we live in–and the kind of home I try to have.  So, give me a call. Come on over, we’ll celebrate whatever holiday works for you.


Christmas Photo I Like

War on Christmas: Weep For The Vanquished

For some, there will be no Merry this Christmas…

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Beautiful Christmas

I occasionally indulge myself in “willful preoccupation” by scouring the internet for holiday spirit, particularly in holiday form. One of my favorite Christmas photo themes is “other peoples’ holidays”.

141127_0066 Christmass Tree Done

Photo from Micheline on Flickr

Photo I Like

Santa Get Yer Motor Running…

…and head out on the highway…