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Smoking and Obama Kill?

If you’re wondering do other nations villify us  as much as we do them, witness this poster seen recently in Moscow. It says, “Smoking Kills More People than Obama does.” When I’m done laughing, all I can think is: yeah, … Continue reading

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Craw-Stuck By Netanyahu Visit

Not awestruck, but craw, as in “stuck in my….” Judging from my personal Facebook page, there is a loudly enthusiastic minority of Americans who have whipped themselves into feverish, Dervish-like fervor over the visit of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Lauten & The Obama Girls

I suppose most of you–among the American contingent, at least–have by now heard about Elizabeth Lauten’s ill-considered, vile attack on President Obama’s teen-aged daughters, Sasha(16), and Malia(13).  I’ve been busy with family for the past three days, so I’m a … Continue reading

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Immigrants Stealing “Our” Jobs?

I’m enjoying the sputtering protestations of simpleton would-be patriots in the wake of President Obama’s discussion of his plans to address immigration issues here in the USA.  At base is the outrage that, after 6 years of the legislative branch … Continue reading

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War Is Cruelty, And You Cannot Refine It

Excuse me a moment while I alienate all the southerners reading this blog…. This is General William Tecumseh Sherman on scenic horse ride through Georgia–I got in a bit of a kerfluffle with a southern stranger on Pinterest last year … Continue reading

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John Boehner & His Executive Order Fetish

This post isn’t about my politics, mind you, but I do want to get my biases out front–I’m worse than a Liberal, I’m a Rational.  The closest analog I’ve been able to find is Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party, but … Continue reading

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Link: Why should poets engage with ‘ordinary people’?

This article caught my eye the other day, another discussion about poets, poetry, and audience–specifically, is poetry a marginalized art form because poets are largely snobbish and write to impress each other, rather than writing towards a broad audience?  It’s … Continue reading

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