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Have A Happy and Exciting New Year!

New Years At Home



The 12 Days of Halloween : The Lowdown Dirty Ghoul Brigade

Both of the cars in the background have gone to the scrapyard–and most of these little Halloween Punks are in college now. Damn, I’m old.

The 12 Days of Halloween (2007)

Christmas Photo I Like

Just Reward

Oh, Santa–you work hard, but you play harder.  Go Santa. Go, man, go.


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2015 Summer Wonders #9: Whoop!



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Pittsburgh Wedding = COOKIES!

Another reason why Western Pennsylvania is the best place this side of Tau Ceti: cookies.


LIKE brides and bridegrooms the world over, the ones in this city and nearby towns bask in the glory of the white dress, the big kiss and the first dance.

But then, a large number of them happily cede the spotlight to a cookie. Or a few thousand of them….

To really blow your mind, and possibly your diet, behold….

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The Party Is Over

Santa works hard.  Santa plays hard.  Santa is The Man.328879565_ec36aa6c04

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Sexy Christmas?

Sexy Christmas @ new pines by little scand
Sexy Christmas @ new pines, a photo by little scand on Flickr.

“More like Skanky Christmas.”–My Wife.

I just can’t help myself–looking at photos tagged “christmas” on Flickr, this one stands out among the volumes of cute kids, happy families, piles of presents and cute kittens batting at ornaments.  Caveat emptor, right? But man, do i LOVE FLICKR. It’s like WalMart and the Carnegie Museum of Art all wrapped up in one.

My innate sense of fair play requires me to link to an actual, legitimately sexy Christmas picture:


The Guv’mint Shutdown, Maureen Dowd, and Zombie Washington

First off, the disclaimer: it is my intention to steer clear of politics as much as possible.  My personal platform lies well outside the standard corruptions of the 2-party system, and nobody really cares what I think, anyway.  But enough is enough.  My friend Amy sent me a link to a must-read Maureen Dowd column, just when I thought Dowd had lost all relevance.  You ought to read it.  Kudos, Maureen.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and his father was a communist soldier in Castro’s takeover of Cuba? Fascinating–it seems Teddy might be over-compensating a little–who thought this was all about some blowhard’s Daddy Issues? Nevertheless, I find neither party’s platform and actions satisfactory, but let’s be honest here, Boehner needs to get his house in order. Maybe this is the moment the 2-party system should be put out of it’s misery, now that the right has adopted the “I’m taking my ball and going home” philosophy of governance. Let the Tea Party whackjobs be the Tea Party (and tell ’em to stop giving misanthropes such a bad name), the mainstream Republicans can dust off that photo of Dwight Eisenhower and get back to business with a couple different factions of Democrats, one of which won’t be overpopulated with timid sissies. The next round of elections should be really interesting. If only we could follow Dowd’s analogy and reanimate Tip O’Neill. He’d get this crap straightened out in time for cocktail hour.