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What In The Blazing Fires of Hell Is This?

This British guy with a big waxed mustache made this show up on my personal facebook page just now.  We’re supposed to be friends, but–now I’m not so sure.

I showed it to my wife and she said, “Well, if I had to have a penis that one would be pretty cool.”  But the question remains: what the hell is happening.


Where's Chuck?

Where’s Chuck? Friday 7.31.15

I’m on vacation, but I planned ahead. Presuming that we stay on track, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool things–here’s what I hope to see today.

Most of our time is going to be spent here…

But the Nebraska state capital, otherwise known as “the penis of the plains” should be worth a quick visit….

And they’ve got this sunken gardens thing that should be good for an hour or so…

But if you know anything good to do in Lincoln, I’ve got some time, let me know in the comments section…..