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Hellbenders Fighting In My Back Yard

There is a nice article right now in Rolling Stone on a historic and heroic struggle that is happening just a few miles up the road from me. A while back, a big corporation came to a tiny little community … Continue reading

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Nicely Done, 84

How about a shout-out to my fellow Westsylvanians, 84 Lumber, whose censored commercial is generating a ton of commendations and criticism this morning along with those other legendary political dissidents, Coca-Cola and Anheiser-Busch. I mean, who do they think they … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh: Opportunity

Found from chancelor@keeppittsburghdope.com .  I can’t love this city enough, and with it all the young, creative, inspired people who’ve made it #TheKingofCities. http://www.creativesdrink.com    

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Deer Day

Today is a civilization-pausing holiday where I live, the Monday after Thanksgiving, the end of the 5-day weekend: Deer Day.  If you also live in a region where NRA bumper stickers outnumber high school diplomas, you know what I’m talking … Continue reading

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Memeday:Deer Day

Because there just aren’t very may funny hunting memes… …and, frankly, I just didn’t feel like trying that hard.

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Saturday Night Original: Joyland

My novel features a frontier city called “Joyland” that is inspired by, in unequal parts, nascent Las Vegas, Bogart’s Casablanca, Deadwood South Dakota, and just about every “Little America” truckstop along the highways of America–but the name came from a … Continue reading

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In The Garden: Early July

The upside to the rainiest summer in my memory: the lawn and garden are more lush than ever before.  My wife’s tireless gardening and newly cultivated photographic eye have made for some vivid scenery around these parts.  I’m not sure … Continue reading

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2015 Summer Wonders #73: Rail Trail Biking

Riding bikes on a rail trail–these guys are a couple of my childhood friends, together for a rowdy weekend of biking, river running, and drinking back in 2007 on the GAP near Ohiopyle, PA.

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Saturday Night Originals: Country Cookout 1985

This is a companion picture to this.  The ensuing meal introduced me to that culinary marvel which would sustain me for many summer nights in the thirty years that has passed between then and now: the Mountain Pie.  The girl … Continue reading

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Prom Gown Shopping For Men

When I realized that the day of shopping for prom gowns my wife had scheduled with my daughters was not a much-anticipated day of mother-daughter bonding, but a drudgery to which my wife was looking forward with all the eagerness … Continue reading

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