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Don’t Count On Impeachments Before They’re Hatched.

The Interwebs are crackling with excitement over the possibility that finally, after an interminably frustrating 4 months in office (who thought he’d even last this long?) something might possibly stick to the, er, gold plated Teflon-coated skin of our embarrassment-in-chief. … Continue reading

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Smoking and Obama Kill?

If you’re wondering do other nations villify us  as much as we do them, witness this poster seen recently in Moscow. It says, “Smoking Kills More People than Obama does.” When I’m done laughing, all I can think is: yeah, … Continue reading

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Soccer (football with a “small f”) Corruption

Wars, disease, famine, earthquakes, a really big case hitting the U.S. Supreme Court tomororow, and a movie about California breaking in half before The Rock fixes it with a helicopter–and STILL the top story in the news for a second … Continue reading

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V the K’s Caption–Hours of Fun

http://www.vthek.net They post a picture–weird, normal, sexy, strange, whatever…and people add captions.  What a simple, wonderful idea I wish I’d had–or had the gall to steal.  If you’re in a bad mood about all the idiots in the world, this … Continue reading

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Putin Just A Wanna-Be

I can’t be the first, or the only, internet hack to point out that Vladimir “Vain Vlad” Putin’s whole wild man schtick is neither new nor particularly interesting.  In fact, he’s quite literally a (ghostly white) pale imitation of a … Continue reading

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Totally Digging Figure Skating–Well, I’ll Be Damned

Some things–like the bus that runs you down–you never see coming.  When I was a kid, my mom used to torture me by taking me to the Ice Capades every year, year after year–until I was, I think, 13 and … Continue reading

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