Tunesday: Dusty Brown

I’ve realized that I’m a musical schizophrenic–or worse.  My favorite music is probably either from that transition to “college alternative” via New Wave via Punk (if you can’t guess my age from that, shame on you) or old school country western, and the modern “Americana” music that draws so much spirit from it, but I also like blues and, increasingly, I respect electronica–or whatever the hell the over-reaching genre name is for the variety of synth-drenched mellow raver music that makes me realize that, if they’d had raves when I was young, and ecstasy, I would have been very intrigued…..

Tonight, while writing, I got hooked onto a bunch of songs by DJ-based Dusty Brown, and his/their mesmerizing syth-drenched guitars intertwining with singer Jessica Brown’s (Dusty’s sister) sumptuous tones. It starts out like same old same old mournful hipster gauze until, at  point, it goes all transcendental…

I can’t seem to find live videos, so you just have to listen–if anyone but me is still riding the web on a PC I’d recommend rounding up a few more from these kids in a new window and letting them ride.  You can get the EP free at Dusty Brown’s website.  It ain’t Portishead, but it ain’t half bad.  (Okay–totally doing Portishead next week).


Bad Books #2

Because I’m a devilish sod, I’ve collected A LOT of naughty books cover illustrations which I’ll start sharing daily a minute before midnight, “wordpress time.” (which isn’t the time where I live or, I suspect, anywhere but on the wordpress servers, but who cares.