2015 Summer Wonders #1: Honk If U Love Summer

The calendar might not say summer…yet…but for as long as I can remember, the beginning of May has been the symbolic start to the season, even if we’ve still got six weeks of “spring” ahead of us.  This image is the first photo  I collected in a file called–you guessed it “Summer” several years before I ever considered having a blog.  Like most of these pictures, I have no idea who made it, who the subject is, or even where the image originally appeared.  I do know that I love summer.

Summer Found Photos–Daily Visions of Summer found floating around the interwebs: many vintage, some not, a lot shot on the beach, but not all. The only criteria is that these images evoke something quintessential about summer. What do you think about when you think about summer?


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Random photos from the internet to you, via me.


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