A Chance To Be The Bandit

More than a few men around my age are going to be spending just a bit of time day-dreaming over the next two weeks.  I doubt we’ll all be forthcoming in admitting it, but look behind the eyes of any men you know between, say 47 and 60, and you’re apt to see a hint of a devilish glint.  A few might even start growing cheesy mustaches, or wearing cowboy hats and pearl-snap shirts, or calling their best friend “Snowman.”

Why?  In a little less than two weeks the car is going up for auction–not the only one of it’s kind, that’s still what it is: the car.


“A Restored 1977 Pontiac Trans Am owned by none other than the Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds, will cross the block on Friday, April 24 at the Carlisle Auctions in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.”  So if you’ve got an extra half-million or so lying around….

So sing it with me, fellow Xers–“East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’, we got time for one more bandit run”

reynolds cloe 876