Reusable Vertical Launch/Land Spacecraft: Sci Fi Retro Bliss


Okay, space and old school sci-fic geeks–you know all those cool 1950’s sci-fi conceits of rocket spaceships, like “The Solar Queen” lauching and 9780765300553_p0_v1_s260x420landing vertically, majestically, on hostile planets (or soundstages)?  Well, the folks over at SpaceX–you know, those guys who are set on making commercial, private spaceflight a reality, have “went ahead and done it this time.”  SpaceX is a big deal–in 2008 their Falcon 1 was the first privately funded, liquid-fueled rocket  to reach orbit. They were the first privately funded company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft (Dragon), which was later the private spacecraft reach the International Space Station.  Last year, they became the first   private company to send a satellite into geosynchronous orbit.  Cool, huh.  As a flame-broiled geek, this is even cooler (and keep in mind this is real footage, not special effects):


1 In 4 Americans Think Sun Rotates Around Earth


I’m posting this link out of shame and disgust. Ugh!  I guess it’s what creationism gets us.

No, they’re not exaggerating.  Or making it up as part of some “socialistic” plot.

And adding these as a public service: