Help. Am I Alone In This?

We’re all familiar with how WordPress keeps screwing with the format. For a long time, I was able to find my way back to the interface that has lists of all the posts in my various catagories…drafts, published, scheduled, etc. It was in black, and very functional.  Now, my page is totally frakked. It looks like the photo below, with images and big blocks with teasers of the text…sort of like what the reader looks like. It is an abomination.  Also, the blue color makes me want to puke. Literally, it corrodes my soul.

Screenshot (1)


I don’t understand overly technical talk. Jargon makes me want to poke people in the eye with a glowing iron rod. If anyone can offer a step by step way to go back to the simple, clean, grid-like design, I’d love a tip. I want it to look like this again, ALL THE TIME:
Screenshot (2)

Another thing about this format–when one schedules a post for a later date, it is very awkward to change the date and time, unlike in the old format. I do not for the life of me understand why the people at WordPress would take a wonderful product–I mean, I LOVE it here–and make it so much less user friendly. Am I alone?



Commentary is SNEAKY

I recently ordered something from Amazon–not the items in the screen shot below, sadly, that’s just a re-creation using some books I’m going to get around to sooner or
Amazon Prime

later.  Now, I knew my order was above the free shipping threshold, but for some reason it hadn’t been calculated in–so I read that blurb at the top (bright blue and green) and clicked that and…BOOM.  I got “free shippping” alright–because that quickly I joined Amazon Prime for $105.00.  That’s like a “free” drink that comes in a glass that costs–well–one hundred and five bucks!

Now, if you notice further down in the box there is a smaller, black print with a little oval I can click  to get actual free shipping that is actually free, and maybe I should have read the entire page through, but I’m confident in my belief that the intent here was to trick me and a lot of other people into buying their very expensive “free shipping.”  It’s no different than the way Amazon takes you to the kindle version of a book if you don’t specify you want a real book.

The clincher, when I clicked on that tab there was no warning, and no chance to change my mind–to do that I had to go back to my account, sign in, read through the “help” section, then go to my account, and to “My Prime” and then submit my request for a refund that should be “processed in 3-5 days.” Right? They can take my money at the speed of light, but it takes ’em the better part of a week to give it back

Scoundrels and thieves. That’s what I think. Am I right–or am I just ridiculous, or both?