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Sugar Season Haiku Cycle

Spontaneous, no-revision haiku scrawled in a fit of boredom….

bmlthayerT1067Snow concedes, contracts
Shadows shorten with each dawn
Totems bleed sweetness




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElectric drill whirs
Thirteen miles of plastic hose
Grandpa had a bucket




maplesyrupGood dry wood burns clean
A grey squirrel tail, smoke and steam
Sweet in the hollow.

My Poetry Poetry

Organic Crab Grass Control

Damn straight, count me in.
I’m a corn meal glutton;indian-head-corn-meal-0709-new-new-lg
love it in pancakes, in muffins,
in waffles and bread–
especially bread, sweetened with sugar,
mixed with bacon fat and cream,
bathed in sweet butter–
Oh…you meant…gluten.
I’m not a gluten.