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2015 Summer Wonders #36: Splish, Splash

Day 3 of the underwater series.

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2015 Summer Wonders #23: Tandem Surfing

This video is burning up Facebook–it’s a summer wonder if I’ve ever seen one.

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2015 Summer Wonders #20: Die Yuppie Scum

This is the one my wife has been waiting for, after more than a few instructive jabs about the preponderance of bathing-suited ladies amongst the summer wonders.  A little equity where it’s due, eh?

Funny how the photos turn up–indeed, this series was originally called “found summer photos” but I liked “summer wonders” better.  I used to have a bumper sticker on a super-cool 1980 Ford Station wagon, the original “Chuckwagon,” that read “DIE YUPPIE SCUM.”  The other day I googled the phrase and found this picture, called “die yuppie scum” by Brenda Ann Kenneally.  Best of all, Ms Kenneally has made a bunch of thematically relevant photos, so I may go to her well again.

Die Yuppie Scum: Miami Beach 1992- 1995
Die Yuppie Scum: Miami Beach 1992- 1995


Saturday Night Originals

Saturday Night Originals: OBX

I’m no photographer, and I’m envious of those who have “the eye,” and the skills to go with it, to create beautiful and interesting photographic images.  I spend too much time looking at photography here, on Flickr, or wherever else I might find it, and I’m thankful for all of you who regularly share your work with us.



Be that as it may,  I’ve shot a LOT of photos over the years–more of them than not before the advent of digital photography, a technological leap that coincided with my settling down to raise my children.  Oh, I still took a lot of photos–but most of them were of my family and I living our lives. Snapshots. Don’t get me wrong, I was always shooting snapshots–but for the past 15 years or so the camera has been pointed at birthday parties and family vacations.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

Fortunately, when you’ve shot thousands upon thousands of photos over the years, every once in a while you get something you like–something that isn’t a red-eyed shot of your dog begging for snacks, or a blurry image of your kid dribbling a basketball.


That’s what Saturday Night Originals will be about–putting some of my own photos (a few of which careful, long term readers might have seen before) here because, well, because I can.  Why Saturday Night?  Easy: Sundays are my biggest reader days, and weekends are my busiest non-writing times, making photo posts a perfect regular feature to fill the gap, should my busy schedule interfere with blogging time.


2015 Summer Wonders #17 1930 Gals


swimsuit retro


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2015 Summer Wonder #11 Afternoon Rain

At the trailing edge of a Thunderstorm, the world from my window lush and wild, the sky still booming from the horizon….