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Gentleman Turkey

So regal. https://thepunchylands.wordpress.com

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Memeday: Waiting With Walter

Yep, its that time again.  Almost the most wonderful time of year.  I’m posting this for my wife, who keeps me honest.  Without her I’d already have the lights up, the decoration boxes down from the attic, and Steve & … Continue reading

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Ghosts Of Christmas Past Part 2: On The First Day of Christmas….

…My True Love Gave To Me: Thanksgiving. Read Part One Here The first sanctioned Christmas even may have been our church’s Hanging of The Greens Night, but the first real day of Christmas was always–and still remains–Thanksgiving, if for no … Continue reading

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Cranberry Sauce

This year for the Cranberry Sauce, we tinkered and went with Cranberry-Apple.  Replaced the orange with all apple, and used a cup of  hard cider from the East End Brewing Co. for the liquid.  Also, we used all brown sugar … Continue reading

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Yet More Redskins Stuff: Kudos To The New Yorker

This topic is becoming a recurring them on my blog, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.  Got to walk the walk if you talk the talk. The New Yorker was rocking it last week. Now scroll down for the article … Continue reading

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Thankgiving: Where Turkey Comes From

Well, that last post was serious.  Time to get back to a more holiday-friendly, sillier tone.  So, I ask the question:  Where does Turkey come from? Why, from pretty girls, of course. We don’t see photos of famous actresses and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Food…For Thought

Way back in April, I followed a link to the awesome photo above, which itself had been taken from a twitter post by “Cleveland Frowns” and read through a few, mostly outraged, comments.  The overall tones of the discussion were … Continue reading

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Your Thanksgiving Shopping List, Part 1: Cranberry Sauce

Make your own cranberry sauce.  Do not–for the love of your petty, vengeful, god–serve your guests that jiggly canned cranberry atrocity. He will smite you, if you do.  I promise. I grew up thinking that the stuff in the can … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Countdown Day 5 (late)

It’s actually the morning of Day 6 because, on the heels of my my vapid post ever I was too 1) Shell-shocked with shame, 2) Quietly Bemused, or 3) just distracted doing a bunch of other crap, that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Countdown: Day 4; Is Thanksgiving A Relic?

So, who is stoked for Thanksgiving?  Besides me.  Word has it that another of my wayward distant nephews is making the drive up from North Carolina, 9 hours each way, just to spend late afternoon and evening with us. Boo-yah.  … Continue reading

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