The 12 Days of Halloween : The Lowdown Dirty Ghoul Brigade

Both of the cars in the background have gone to the scrapyard–and most of these little Halloween Punks are in college now. Damn, I’m old.

The 12 Days of Halloween (2007)

Photo I Like

12 Days of Halloween: Vintage Scary Clown

The “Scary Clown” phenomena clearly dates back a lot further than initially suspected.


Photo I Like sheer awesomeness

The Twelve Days of Halloween 2014: Day 6 and Counting

I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am.  I can’t get over how truly creepy some of the scary images–like this one–are.  If you tried to Trick or Treat around a sub-division dressed like this today some knob would call for a SWAT team, I’m sure of it.