The Great Sexy Halloween Costume Debate 4 of 4

Some final thoughts.  I wanted to weigh in on my own here, sort of a personal summary, while touching base on potential costume choices.

The father in me had no problem coming up with a several costume suggestions which are, in their particular socio-cultural mileau, hot enough to incinerate.  Among them are…


The man of reason in me just wants to caution you against this….
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And the husband says, “Hey, baby–you could totally pull this off….”


Matrix In Wyoming

Remember that movie, The Matrix, a reality-based semi-documentary about about computer-assisted hackers waging war in drug-induced lucid dreams against machine tyrants, personified by nearly invincible shape-shifting sentient robots for the the fate of humanity?  Remember that part where the agents, when they’re killed, simply re-manifest (like the Cylons, but different too) in the form of other “people” in the matrix?  Well, I was watching a A&E network show on the other night and discovered something disturbing–the matrix has extended to Wyoming, as the following photos prove.

Only Human
Only Human


Dodge This
Dodge This,Sheriff... Longmire
Agent…er,Sheriff… Longmire