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Irradiated Babes: Ms. TSA Pin-Up Calendar?

X-Ray Porn!  This was apparently a short-lived interwebs sensation in 2010, but I missed it and I bet many of you missed it too.


I know!  Smokin’ hot, right?  I mean, damn! Are you as turned on as I am right now?

Or not. I’m struck by how titillating these images are not.  There’s a seed for an excellent essay on objectification here, but I’m opting to see it as humorous.

But, all that aside, what the hell is it about? A friend sent me the following, incredulous link, which pretty much sums up my initial bemusement and curiosity.

But a search offered clarity.

This Exists: X-Ray Pin-up Calendar [Pics]

Yes, this really was an actual calendar and no, the TSA was not actually involved.  It was a promotional tool for a medical equipment company.  And no actual models were harmed in the making of this calendar.

Funny and/or Strange Photo I Like

If Santa Is Late This Year…

It might not be your fault.


But don’t get excited: I said “might.”  It probably is your fault.  It’s hard on an old man’s back, carrying all that coal.