Where's Chuck?

Where’s Chuck? 8.4.15

I’m on vacation, but I planned ahead. Presuming that we stay on track, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool things–here’s what I hope to see today.

This is the second epic long day of over-ambitious landmark bagging.  We’ll begin from our campsite near Rushmore, weave our way through the wild and windy scenic highways of the Black Hills–including the Needles Highway

Great-American-Drives-South-Dakota-Black-Hills-f3293efaac614955908b2b57dab55e59 PigtailBridgesChad
and Deadwood…









No, wait–not that Deadwood.  This Deadwood…












And Spearfish Canyon…

4003_5860_Spearfish_Canyon_South_Dakota_md lodgefall__gallery

Then on to Wyoming and Devil’s Tower…

Which we won’t be climbing…

Not because we’re afraid to climb or really bad at it–but because it was carved by a giant bear and we’re afraid he way come back…

Then we head up to Montana and Little Bighorn Battlefield…

DC09LittleBigHornPD cfiles30478


Before making our way to Red Lodge for the evening.

Where's Chuck?

Where’s Chuck? 8.3.15

I’m on vacation, but I planned ahead. Presuming that we stay on track, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool things–here’s what I hope to see today.

Oh, today is a big long day of attractions and activities–the first of two ambitious dawn to dusk tourista fantasticas as we drive from Mitchell, South Dakota to the doorstep of Yellowstone in 48 hours and attempt to see a whole lotta America in between.

First up, the Badlands–a scenic drive through the park with a few short hikes thrown in.








And yes, I’m going to drag my fat ass up these steps, just to prove to myself that I not an old, used-up bag of skin and lard.

Then I’ll reward myself with a treat from the decadent land of tourista dreams…WALL DRUG.







That isn’t me on the rabbit, obviously.  I have hair.

And we’re not done yet.  Our final destination of the day is Mount Rushmore, which isn’t nearly the dull thing I always expected it was.  The first time I went, I expected to be bored, but it is oddly engaging.






Where’s Chuck? Thursday 7.30.15

I’m on vacation, but I planned ahead.  Presuming that we stay on track, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool things–here’s what I hope to see today.

Illinois, Iowa, and on to Lincoln, Nebraska. Nothing big on the schedule today–just mileage…

Carl Sandburg’s birthplace in Galesburg, Il

The inappropriately named Sandburg Mall just across town, where we’ll stand outside and boo.

The Mississippi River at Burlington, IA

And a whole lotta corn…



nb75at70aBy the time you wake up and read this–by the time the WordPress robot publishes this–I’ll be two large travel mugs and a couple hundred miles into our big vacation, having slipped off in the foggy pre-dawn morning on our way west, and we hope to stay on vacation for several weeks.

I’ve lived in Wyoming and Oregon, and have had the opportunity to travel back and forth across this country, with a lot of meandering along the way, many times–but my kids, who were born in Oregon, have not been on the left side of the Mississippi since we moved to Pennsylvania when they were 4 months old.  It was well badlandspast time we got them out there.

I don’t know if I’ll have many–or even any–chances to check in on Old Road Apples, or to see what is going on over at your blog, and the many others I generally enjoy on a daily basis.  It is strange, but I feel like I’m leaving a lot of friends behind, and in a way I guess that I am.

Not to fear, I’ve been planning for several months to make this trip go smoothly, and part of that has included maintaining Old Road Apples in my absence.  I’ve prepared the usual daily tetons1features, a heavy dose of Summer Wonders, and–as a special treat–repeat posts of vintage Junk from the very early days of the blog, before anyone was reading.  That’s right, I have several dozen posts–much of it poetry–that received few hits, likes, or comments–or none and at all.  I’ll be throwing those out at you to see what you think this time–maybe they’re really terrible, and that’s why they went ignored.  We’ll see.

03341_archesparkavenue_672x420Finally, it’s common wisdom not to reveal travel plans on social media, so just to let you know: if you’re one of the rare few who have penetrated my slender wall of anonymity, don’t get any bright ideas about robbing me, or whatever: we’ve got desperate, slightly dangerous and unpredictable neighbors who will be working with a dedicated circle of house-sitters, lawn-mowers, plant-waterers, dog-walkers, and other heroic souls who will providing a constant and vigilant guard on the homestead.  And did I mention the dog?

See you back here in about a month–I hope to return with a mountain of tales both tall and short, and maybe a photo or two.


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