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Ugh, They Did It Again…

Ugh, they did it again. I was away from here more than I was here the past few months, and things look–and work–a little differently. Ugh. With Apolgies To Britney Spears Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah … Continue reading

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Am I The Only One Exhausted By Twitter?

I try to me a man of the times, albeit of the “quickly aging/hell in a bucket” variety.  I have my vices (whiskey, salty snacks, pedal steel guitar music and the objectification of expensive trucks and all those half-dressed Russian … Continue reading

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Help. Am I Alone In This?

We’re all familiar with how WordPress keeps screwing with the format. For a long time, I was able to find my way back to the interface that has lists of all the posts in my various catagories…drafts, published, scheduled, etc. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, My Friends

Another year, another Christmas, another opportunity to thank those of you who make time in their days to see what kind of drivel I’ve posted this time, and also to those of you–and I know that in many cases you … Continue reading

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Old and New WordPress Editor Screenshots

Referencing my dislike for the “new wordpress experience” which I wrote about here.  I hate it, by the way.  What do you think? NEW OLD

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Does Anyone Prefer the “Improved Posting Experience?”

I thought I was alone, but that just shows how presumption can make fools of us all.  I noticed today that Renard Moreau over at Renard Moreau Presents has been pondering the same notion:  is their anyone who thinks that … Continue reading

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Response To Suzie81’s “7 Questions For Bloggers.”

Last year Suzie81 stirred up the blogosphere with a wonderfully successful post that posed 7 significant questions to bloggers.  It was so successful she’s decided to give it another go-round.  There is no way i can resist–and why should I?  … Continue reading

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