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Blame Trump? Blame Me.

I’m a big fan of the WordPress community and the creativity this outlet and the people here wring out of me–quickly written, spontaneously conceived and sloppily edited. There’s something about wise-assed rants I don’t bother to edit or even proofread … Continue reading

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Not Flood Nor Fire, Just A Blog Unattended

Here we go, boys and girls. I miss you all when I’m away, and look forward to catching up and finding out what you’ve been up to while I’ve been “away” from the wonderful world of WordPress. At the same … Continue reading

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Home Sweet? Home

It’s been awhile: 23 days. 5974 Miles. 15 States. 10 National Parks. 2 Spectacular State Parks. 5 Motel Rooms. 7 Campgrounds. Temps 33 (Madison, Yellowstone National Park) to -99 degrees (Moab, Utah). 2 Jacuzzi nights.  About a dozen great old … Continue reading

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Kilt Too Damned Many

I found this last night in a file folder full of old stuff–I’ve no idea when I wrote it, or why, or in what context, but I sure wish I did. “A hero, pffft.” Keaner spat, “there’s them to call … Continue reading

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How Is Your Blog Different Than You Intended It To Be?

So, I’m sitting down about a month ago, thinking of a lot of non-bloggy things: Christmas presents, the menu for our annual Christmas party, the relative lack of shrill, bleating demands to “put the Christ back in Christmas,” the inconsistent … Continue reading

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A Note on Proofreading…

An attractive young woman approached me in the kitchen early this morning and complained about the seeming lack of proofreading on Old Road Apples, forcefully implying my carelessness (carefree-ness) regarding edits was bringing shame to the entire household.  I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Rumblings

I don’t have a particular topic in mind, and while it occurs to me that I could open up my links to news pages and scour the daily dose of mayhem, gloom, and marketing for the latest tragedy/outrage/scourge/feel-good moment of … Continue reading

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Henry Miller’s 11 Writing Commandments

I’m offering a rare repost, but this one is irresistible–not only for the racy photo of Henry Miller, but his rules for writing. I’ve broken all of them within recent memory–my shortcomings and failures are no longer inexplicable. Check out … Continue reading

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Response To Suzie81’s “7 Questions For Bloggers.”

Last year Suzie81 stirred up the blogosphere with a wonderfully successful post that posed 7 significant questions to bloggers.  It was so successful she’s decided to give it another go-round.  There is no way i can resist–and why should I?  … Continue reading

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500th Post

Way back in the dark days of early summer, in the year 2013, I set my mind to sustaining a blog for at least a year.  Dedicated readers who don’t have a lot else going for them might recall that … Continue reading

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